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Paintings of the Pacific Northwest by Capt. J.G. Freedman

A Prairie Scene in Summer

Interior Winter 18x30 Fresh Snow 3/30x20"

Near VSY 30x20" Still-life with Mill and Bridge 30x20" Snow Sky 30x20" Collier 30x24 Sunrise 36x24 After the Rain 24x30

Home by Now 24x30" Snowy 36x30" First Light 24x36"
Redtail 24x30"
Heading Home 30x24"

Wanna Bet 18x30" Look of the Land 24x30" First Day of School 20x30" A Canadian Sunset Vancouver 36x48"

Hyster 24x30" First Day of Summer 18x36" First In 24x30" 8 for the Road 24x36"

All images are copyrighted  by JG Freedman and offered FREE of charge for non-commercial use.   I would, however, appreciate being informed of such use.

Commercial use of these images requires the artist's written permission.