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Magic Realism by Joseph Gregory Freedman


Waiting for Hopper 36x36" Waiting for Hockney 36x36" Waiting for Magrite 48x36" Stay Out of Trees 40x24" Walk Softly 36x48"

Doukhobor Home Cooking 36x36" Greatest Hits 36x48" Act Two 48x60" Moon Shadow 36x36" California Dreaming 48x36"

Up On The Roof 36x36" Artist With Flower 36x36" Go Deeper 36x48" Hog Heaven 36x48" Poles Apart  36x36"

2D 36x48" Barking 36x36" Ride the Champion 36x36" The Safeway 60x36" Love Story 60x36"

Gaco Prosperity, Inbound 24x36" Harvest Moon 36x48" Sumo Volkswagen 36x48"

Nafea faaipoipo - Hula Dog 36x36" To Ala Moana 36x48" Ia Orana Maria - Like like Eden 36x48" Time Share 36x36"

All images are copyrighted  by JG Freedman and offered FREE of charge for non-commercial use.   I would, however, appreciate being informed of such use.

Commercial use of these images requires the artist's written permission.