Biography of JG "Capt Greg" Freedman

Early Paintings by J. Gregory Freedman


Snake in the Grass 12x18" Apple of My Eyeball 6x6" Hands Across the Water  12x18" Preacher Preacher 12x20" Red Snails in the Sunset 36x24"

Artist in Clover 24x18" Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah 12x18" Blue Jesus 12x20" Pussycat, Pussycat 18x24" Timber, My Son 18x24"

Three Little Maids 24x18" Boy on the Beach 36x24" Oregon Doryman 30x30" Smoking in Bed 24x30" Rebel Without a Cause 30x20" print

Summer Sheep An Unfamiliar Sunset 30x20" Clown Going Home for Dinner 48x48" Its A Life 36x24" Fish Camp 48x36"

All images are copyrighted  by JG Freedman and offered FREE of charge for non-commercial use.   I would, however, appreciate being informed of such use.

Commercial use of these images requires the artist's written permission.