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Western Mariner Magazine

November 2006


The story of the best cook in the whole tugboat fleet and his
secret (and disgusting) technique for getting that perfect crust . . .

Illustrated with Cook's Break 
Western Mariner Oct. 07

November 2007

"Boomsticks to Bencher"
The Journey From Deckhand to Advocate

How Terrence LaLiberte went from deckhand to Queen's Council
Western Mariner Magazine

January 2007

"Saddle Oxfords"
Two lessons in one story:  Why we should not judge books by
their covers - or their footwear and how not to run out a tow line.

Illustrated with Busted Tow
Western Mariner Dec. 07

December 2007

"The Grub Run"
Why its never a good idea to go swimming in Quatsino Sound
in January after a night drinking at the local pub.

Illustrated with Home Tonight
Western Mariner Sept. 08

September 2008

"The Sinking of the Swiftsure II"
Changing Boats the Hard Way

I was asleep in my bunk when we hit that island.  Honest.
Western Mariner Aug 07

August 2007

"The Deckhand"

The story of the fastest deckhand I've ever seen along with a
guide about how not to land a barge alongside a ship.

Illustrated with Fraser River Sleighride