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"Greg as Pablo" by Richard Paris

JG Freedman is a member of: ISMP, ASMA*

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The paintings of JG Freedman

   Paintings with red dot on their right are SOLD
If your favourite painting is sold, an archival print of that image may be available.  I also welcome questions about
purchase options, prices, commissions, studio visits, and gallery visits.

Tseum Harbour, oil, $2,795

Sunset Beach, oil, $2,795

Pt. Atkinson
Clam Bay

Twilight, English Bay



Early Morning Coal Harbour

Saltspring Air

Eagles and the Odyssey

Canadian Standoffsold
Dog Tiredsold
Flexible Flyer  24x20  oil on canvas sold

Water Works
Rolling InSOLD
Going Ashore


Early Snowfall Stony Creek
Slide Show

Crystal Outbound
Caught Out
What Now

Prairie Scene, Spring (SOLD)
SOLDQuick, Turn!

Prairie Scene in Summer (Sold)
Trickster (SOLD)

This Time I Mean It (sold)
soldPrairie Scene, Winter

Prairie Scene, Autumn
Heaving the Line

Crystal Outbound

Crystal at Anchor
sold Northland Prince sold
Overcast SOLD

Waiting for the Tow 24x18" Shortening Up Backing on a Chip Barge SOLD

Winds: Calm, Sea: Smooth 20x30" SOLD
Sunset Vancouver Harbour 12x36" sold Point Grey Bouy 24x30" sold

Season's End 36x36
sold Gypo 24x36" sold Last Light 36x30" <sold 492 24x24" <sold Anchor Awash 30x24" sold

Heaving the Line 30x24"
Caulking With Cotton 24x48"
On the Ways in Richmond 36x24"
No Way

Bottom Paint
<sold Derelict
<sold Busted Tow
<sold Mitchell Slew
<sold Home Tonight

Fraser River Sleighride
View From the Bridge
<sold Smoke Break
January on the Fraser

Bunga Orchid

Interior Winter 18x30 <sold Fresh Snow 3/30x20" <sold

Near VSY 30x20"
Still-life with Mill and Bridge 30x20" SOLD
Snow Sky 30x20" <sold Collier 30x24 SOLD
Sunrise 36x24 <sold After the Rain 24x30 <sold

Home by Now 24x30" <sold Snowy 36x30" <sold First Light 24x36"
<sold Redtail 24x30"
Heading Home 30x24"

Wanna Bet 18x30" SOLD
Look of the Land 24x30" <sold First Day of School 20x30"
A Canadian Sunset Vancouver 36x48" SOLD

Hyster 24x30"
First Day of Summer 18x36" <sold First In 24x30" <sold 8 for the Road 24x36"

Waiting for Hopper 36x36" sold Waiting for Hockney 36x36" SOLD Waiting for Magrite 48x36" SOLD Stay Out of Trees 40x24" Walk Softly 36x48" sold

Doukhobor Home Cooking 36x36" Greatest Hits 36x48" sold Act Two 48x60" Moon Shadow 36x36" sold California Dreaming 48x36"

Up On The Roof 36x36" SOLD Artist With Flower 36x36" Go Deeper 36x48" sold
Hog Heaven 36x48" Poles Apart  36x36" sold

2D 36x48" sold
Barking 36x36" Ride the Champion 36x36" sold
The Safeway 60x36" sold Love Story 60x36" sold

Gaco Prosperity, Inbound 24x36" sold
Harvest Moon 36x48" sold Sumo Volkswagen 36x48" sold Northland Prince sold

Hula Dog

To Ala Moana

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*JG Freedman is a member of:  ISMP: International Society of Marine Painters (signature), 
ASMA: American Society of Marine Artists, ISAP: International Society of Acrylic Painters (signature)